Group activity encompasses industrial

Paints and

Group activity encompasses industrial development

ERCA Advanced Polymer Solutions offers a wide range of Polyurethane Dispersions (PUD) for many industrial coating applications like wood, plastic and metal coatings .

A complete range of NMP-NEP free,  very low VOC and solvent-free grades that provides high value performances like

  • superior chemical and mechanical resistance ( abrasion, scratch, blocking)
  • good adhesions and hardness
  • Excellent optical properties ( high gloss  and colour retention )
  • Soft feel and matt effects   without inorganic matting agents
  • Toughness and Flexibility
  • Reduction of environmental impact both in production process and in applications

They can be used neat or blended with the main water based resins or additives in the market.

Also they can be easily formulated with pigments, matting agents, coalescing agents, fire retardants and the most common other auxiliaries used in industrial coating formulations.

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