Group activity encompasses industrial


Group activity encompasses industrial development

ERCA Advanced Polymer Solutions offers a wide range of aqueous polyurethane dispersions of our own manufacture: anionic, nonionic and cationic useful for the finishing and ennobling of natural leather in all its phases.
The materials can be utilized for the automotive, furniture, footwear, clothing, bags and small leather goods.
The wide range of these PUs for finishing can be used both in the bonding phase to improve adhesion, in the base coat to achieve high resistance to bending and printing, in the Top coat to achieve high mechanical/physical resistance, in solvents in order to give pleasant and natural matte or glossy surface effects for fashion items.
The low VOC content in these water-based and in some cases zero VOC content makes the products an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional solvent systems. Ultimately in order to reduce the environmental impact, there have also been developed BIO alternatives.

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