Group activity encompasses industrial

Textile finishing

Group activity encompasses industrial development

ERCA Advanced Polymer Solutions offer a wide range of high performance Polyurethane dispersions  at low environmental impact.

These products could be used for a sustainable production of low VOC synthetic materials for garment, shoes, bags and upholstery as well as for sport goods and denim, coating of technical textile.

Applied in thin layers, they bring functionality to the material used in outdoorwear and provide a pleasing touch to denim  while protecting color effects. In thicker layers, PU coatings are the key to high quality synthetic materials that are used widely in footwear uppers, garments and accessories, furniture and car upholstery.

All our PUD’s product line could be used in different application  process as direct and transfer coating , dipping and  printing.

Useful  for  the textile  finishing and ennobling. They improve resistance to abrasion, print quality , water repellency.

They can also be used to make fashion effect

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